About Us



In 2010, Tru Naija emerged onto the Tee Shirt Market to showcase the SWAG of the classic Nigerian. 

All brands have something in common, global recognition- crossing national and cultural barriers with astonishing ease, an extremely loyal and increasing global audience of consumers and are effortlessly synonymous with a number of valuable attributes, thereby branding TRU NAIJA + Co as a "Brand States” to merge in the minds of the global consumer.

Tru Naija+ Co” is a concept to endear Nigeria as a brand to the people’s lifestyle and culture marketplace globally, who wish  to connect with their roots affiliate with  everyday lifestyle and culture.

This marketplace presents creativity in today's urban market- “urban” as a state of mind rather than geographic place.

Tru Naija + Co” cuts across all demographic globally. People all over the world are united by the T-shirt trend in messages ,creative concepts and artistry that gives people not only something to bob their heads to, but also an avenue to express themselves and deliver a positive or negative message about their surroundings. Tru Naija+ Co”  will introduce its sense of style to the masses, so “be proud” with instant clientele among everyday people

We are Tru" & Everything from there on out is committed to be bigger, better, and bolder than the rest.

As we evolved, Tru Naija + Co will be synonymous with quality craftsmanship and bold style designed to stand out.  As we will introduce Our specialty denim fits, washes & treatments, were all designed with amplified details to grab attention at every turn. 

Our iconic merchandise will born from the silhouette of a our ancestors with styles inherited for the NAIJA swagger.

 We are Fearless, We are Leaders, We get Swag, We Rock!

 Tru Naija + Co” is a T-shirt label. 

Independent, Creative with refreshing designs. 

We think. We innovate. We design#